6 Reasons to Buy Your Glasses at Look + See®

6 Reasons to Buy Your Glasses at Look + See®


6 Reasons

6 reasons copy

1. People who buy glasses online get inaccurate glasses about 50% of the time.*

2. We offer a huge selection of frames and sunglasses that you can actually try on. Frames start at $99 and go up handmade, imported frames from around the world at $600. Our professional opticians will ensure you get a frame that fits you properly and looks great on you at any price point.

3. You will get the highest quality frames and lenses. We use the latest digital technology to create glasses that are customized for your face, and your frame to ensure the sharpest vision and durability. Online vendors use inferior products because it is hard for the consumer to tell the difference…at first.

4. We stand behind the products we sell and support them with a warranty that comes at no additional charge to you. We only work with vendors who create quality products so your glasses are built to last.

5. You get free lifetime adjustments and repairs with your purchase. Our expert Opticians will professionally adjust and fit your glasses as often as needed as long as you have them. We charge a fee for adjustments and repairs for glasses purchased elsewhere.

6. Our Opticians perform up to 10 precise measurements of your eyes, your facial features, and position of lenses which are used to place your eyeglass order. We use the latest software and facial imaging technology. A PD measurement alone is not enough to create a great pair of glasses.


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