Medical Mission – Fiji 2015

Medical Mission – Fiji 2015

Dr. Sarah Jerome and her husband, Mark, and Office Manager, Kelly Sweet, along with her fiance, Michelle Armstrong, just returned from a journey halfway around the world to donate eye care and health care services to the people of Fiji, along with a team of physicians organized through the Loloma Foundation. This is Dr. Jerome’s 4th such trip, and her 2nd to Fiji through Loloma.

Our office seeks to improve the lives of our patients by helping them achieve clear vision and maintain healthy eyes. We also have a goal of providing this for people who can neither afford nor obtain such care on their own. At our own expense, we traveled to the most remote areas of this island nation to offer donated eyeglasses and sunglasses (courtesy of Vans) to those who otherwise have nothing to aid their vision or protect their eyes.

There are 333 islands that make up the nation of Fiji, and many of them are very far from anything resembling modern medical care. Many of the islands we visited are occupied by a single village (like the village of Togo, below) with a few hundred residents who have no access to health care or vision care whatsoever if it were not for the Loloma Foundation. Those with medical needs would need to pay half of their yearly income to reach the nearest medical facility.

Our goal was to provide donated eyeglasses to improve vision, and sunglasses (thanks to Vans) to provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Dr. Jerome was also working to identify those people who would benefit from surgical restoration of their vision through surgery to remove cataracts and pterygium, both of which are very common in this sunny part of the world.

We thank you for supporting our clinic so we can in turn donate care and services to be good stewards of the world. As always, we welcome your donated eyeglasses and sunglasses to support missions such as this.